#1 Transaction Coordinator in Los Angeles

At TransactionGuy we specialize in managing your real estate escrows from contract acceptance to closing. That’s all we do. No desk top publishing.  We focus on the closing process. This enables you to provide a higher level of service to your client’s during their transaction and enable you to do what do best – sell real estate.

We are professionals with past experience working in a real estate office. You can hire a novice to create your latest flyer or perform a mailing as long as they have computer skills. But when your closing is on the line you cannot afford inexperience. We are local – even though we perform our job virtually, we are local to the market we serve. The benefits of this are obvious. We have a better understanding of local market nuances and can create the relationships for our team that best serve you.

We work with top agents – We look for establishing relationships with top agents who see the advantage of incorporating our services into their business. As a rule our clients must show a pattern of closing 12 or more transactions a year depending on the local market.

This creates a win-win situation for all involved. We work with agents who treat the real estate business as a “real business”.  Remember the old adage “If you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant”.  We provide you the ability to delegate the closing task and leverage your time.

We help solve closing problems and create benefits for your clients, your broker, your vendors, and most importantly for you.



TransactionGuy has merged with Docusign Transaction Rooms.– you can now access your files on the go and even share documents right from your phone! 24/7 access to view and download documents anytime, anywhere.


At TransactionGuy we doing our part to help save the environment. We are a “paperless” office. A Real Estate transaction can have up to 100 documents per file. We utilize email as much as possible and have a fax server to recieve your incoming faxes by PDF to alleviate the ‘paper’work. TransactionGuy also utilizes DocuSign.com for your electronic signing needs.Using DocuSign’s electronic signature process it makes it easy and convenient for your customers, giving you the competitive advantage buyers and sellers are talking about.

What we need from you to get Started:

  • Contact Information Sheet (Please fill this out with as much information as you have available & we will begin working on your file.)
  • Broker Checklist so that we can make sure everything you need for your Broker, is in your file at closing time. If you don’t have one, Click here for our Document Checklist & you can note on it which documents you need.
  • Our Transaction Coordinating Agreement
  • Fully Executed Purchase Contract w/ all applicable forms